Galean Consulting offers comprehensive services for your personnel search

We are specialized in the placement of foreign specialists and can help you find well trained and motivated employees. Additionally, we advise you on how to recruit and retain qualified employees with a migration background.

Galean Consulting provides personnel in the following fields:

  • Health care (nurses, caregivers, doctors and physiotherapists)

  • Social professions (educators, pedagogues and teachers)

  • IT & engineering

  • Gastronomy

  • Manual craft

  • Plus more…

As recruiters, we see ourselves as the bridge between a company and a candidate. With our value-oriented approach, combined with a clear focus on your specific needs, we create a basis for sustainable personnel recruitment. We will support you at all stages of the recruiting process. Our service as experienced recruiters is distinguished by high service quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Benefit from our migration background and worldwide network.

Would you like to inform us of your personnel requirements or simply obtain information about our services with no obligation? Then, contact us today.