Strengthening the employer brand

How is your company perceived on the job market?
Are talent acquisition and retention a challenge for you?
Do you want to build an attractive, strong and authentic employer brand?

In times of skill shortages, companies that build a strong employer brand have a better chance of attracting the right people and retaining their existing workforce. Foreign professionals also want to know what it’s like working for you and why they should apply for your job and not a competitor’s.

We offer

  • Analysis and identification of the strengths of your company

  • Establishment of your individual employer brand

  • Your positioning as an employer

  • Development of the core message to applicants

  • Support for your marketing and personnel department

Your benefits

  • Positive recognition in the job market

  • Ability to meet long-term staffing needs

  • Improved relationship between current employees and your company

  • Significant reduction in fluctuation